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Accelerating Biometrics Results: Cloud-Based Statistical Computing Solutions

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Watch to Learn How to Overcome Biometrics Obstacles

In this on-demand presentation, experts from Instem and Dermavant Sciences discuss how users can solve common problems in biometrics using a cloud-based statistical computing environment (SCE) which provides a centralized compliance, analysis, and submission solution for any size pharma company or CRO.

Watch the on-demand recording to: 

  • Gain an overview of a cloud-based SCE’s value and key capabilities
  • Learn how programmers and statisticians can leverage different tools to improve their processes
  • Hear about an even more powerful cloud enabled platform for managing the biometrics workflow at large pharma companies and CROs
  • Take away key lessons from the Q&A portion

NOTE: Because of the size of the file, the video can take a couple of minutes to load! 

Chris Decker
VP, Clinical Solutions